Feel the resonance of your own powerful voice!

“Lisa's beautiful facilitation of singing circles is nothing short of musical alchemy - Lisa creates spaces that are warm, safe, welcoming, and courageous. Melding music and message in deep, meaningful ways, Lisa's circles are invigorating and inspiring on many levels, creating a magical vibration for true introspection, connection and healing.” - Angela

Bi-monthly sessions include:

  • Vocal improvisation
  • Embodiment practices
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Voice exercises/technique
  • Short, repeatable songs
  • Lush vocal harmonies
  • Life-affirming lyrics

Live classes on Zoom occur on the 2nd and 4th Mondays each month from 6-7pm Pacific time.

NOTE: This is a subscription-based class, and you pay by the month. You can attend live sessions, or if youʻre unable to attend, you can access the video replays in your student portal within 24 hours. When you enroll, you gain access to all past course content, as well as all future live sessions. And you can cancel at any time! Additional course content includes lyrics, sheet music and mp3 downloads.

"They say when you sing that every cell in your body vibrates. In Lisasʻs class, that vibration can be felt even over zoom and muted!" - Jessica

"Lisa creates space that allows me to be my freest self. She reminds me through music that I can be playful, bold and connected." - Nani

"Lisa creates a safe space to unpack all the vulnerabilities and sensitivities that come with singing for me. I feel safely held." - Jenn

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Let song be your trusted guide

I believe in the healing power of song.

I believe singing can tune us into the frequency of love and the interconnectedness within this vast universe.

I believe that reclaiming our creative voice can liberate us in profound ways, inviting us into truth, again and again.